The Saugeen Hospice Project


Saugeen Hospice Inc., is currently focused on planning and organizing key fundraising events, securing donations, and creating awareness about the future hospice.

To date, the following has been achieved, as of the winter of 2023:

  • The Municipality of Brockton donated three acres of land in the new Eastridge Business Park (east side of Walkerton), and planning is underway.
  • Social media venues have been established for SHI, such as Facebook  Other social media channels will be established once the build is unerway
  • The architect has presented the initial plans for the new building to the Board of Directors.
  • A new brochure has been developed and printed all about Saugeen Hospice
  • The new website was up and running in September of 2022
  • A number of committees have been established to raise funds, set policies, implement communication efforts and provide governance direction
  • Work has begun on the development of professional sponsorship packages for presentation to corporations, businesses, etc.
  • To date, over $1,000,000 has been raised through the generosity of businesses, organizations, individuals, fundraising efforts, etc.  

A special thank you to everyone involved in providing donations.  You generosity is so very much appreciated!


The Project

SHI is planning a six-bed residential hospice that will reflect the values and traditions of the region, and provide the compassionate care founded in our principles. Initial plans include a community kitchen,  a sofa or murphy bed for families in each room, meeting and office facilities, and a children’s play area. There will be garden entrances for each room.


Next Step(s)

Engage an architectural firm to create a concept design
Hire staff, to assist with plans, coordinate building efforts and fundraising