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Hike for Saugeen Hospice

Posted: February 11, 2023

This spring, people across Canada will gather pledges and then Hike to raise public awareness for hospice palliative care. This major fundraising initiative will help advance the hospice palliative care initiatives in your local community.

Saugeen Hospice is hosting 3 separate hikes in 3 different locations, including Walkerton, Hanover and Mildmay, all on May 7, 1:00pm.  Be sure to get your pledge sheet

Please check in to the following locations on May 7:

  • Hanover - Hanover Pavilion Park
  • Walkerton - Agricultural Building
  • Mildmay - Lion's Pavilion (behind the arena)

Once you arrive at the designated location, beverages, cookies and other snacks will be available.  Trail maps will also be handed out.  Please don't forget to wear proper footwear and dress for the weather.  

Please know that all your efforts are so greatly appreciated!

Download Flyer


Hit the button below to create a team for the hike. 

Create your team

Then email your friends asking for pledges.  Pledges will come directly to Saugeen Hospice.